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"How Our Step-by-Step Roadmap Can Take You From Zero To Launching An Insanely Profitable Online Course In As Little As 28 Days"

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"How Our Step-by-Step Roadmap Can Take You From Zero To Launching
An Insanely Profitable Online Course In As Little As 28 Days "


After sharing my frustration with sales with Jermaine Griggs over the weekend, he showed me the way all this work. It is pretty amazing to see H.I.P.P.E.R and the scripts work. I told Jermaine that consistently having $500 a day in sales is what I need first. Is he a magician or just talented?
Thanks Jermaine Griggs

Jonathan FitzGordon

Jermaine, a lot can change in 7 hours, because since then, my opt-in conversion has gone from 0% to 12.5%, a lady just booked a strategy session for tomorrow, and her survey looks perfect. So to put it another way, you were 100% spot on with everything you said to me today, thank you.

Jim Katsoulis

Hey Jermaine, here are the stats from our program.

374 clicks to the website through FB ad $133.00 spent

638 visitors to the page
85 opt-ins
13.32% conversion

This has generated $6500 in total sales.

5x$1000 (new clients generated from advertising)
3x$500 (these were from existing clients doing an upgrade to the program)
85 opt-ins and 8 sales for 9.4% sales conversion.

I can't wait to get this out in front of a global audience and will rethink my approach on how to construct my online program.

James Tosoff

So it's official

Dean Soto and I just sold our first item off an automated webinar. We edited an old recording for an offer and it's one of our lists but we wanted to take a baby step.

A $697 sale off a semi-warm list that we manage.

Giddyup... Jermaine Griggs you seriously are the man. I really appreciate you and this course and what it's doing (and will continue to do) for our business.

Can't wait for all the modules to come.

Brad Spencer

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Jermaine Griggs

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Traveler

Jermaine Griggs founded at 17 years old in his grandma's one-bedroom inner-city apartment. He had no idea his $70 investment would turn into a multi-million dollar business teaching tens of thousands how to play and enjoy music by ear.

While in college studying Law & Criminology, Jermaine relied heavily on automated follow-up and marketing processes to run his business while he made good on a promise to his family to graduate school. What resulted was a unique automation strategy and philosophy that he follows religiously to this day.

As a result of his success and uncanny ability to mesmerize audiences, Jermaine started attracting the attention of the business world. He's been featured on MSN, Yahoo, Kiplinger, D&B, Aetna's Innovators, MSNBC, and more. In 2011, he was awarded Infusionsoft's "Ultimate Marketer of the Year" and teaches entrepreneurs how to repeat his success by working smarter and not harder.

Jermaine is married to his high school sweetheart of 17 years, has 3 children, and they recently returned from a voyage around the world to 36 countries. He resides in Orange County, CA.

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“How This Step-By-Step Roadmap Can Take You From Zero To Launching An Insanely Profitable Online Course In As Little As 28 Days”